WFH for H1B, new LCA needed; amendment required

H1B EMPLOYEES CAN WORK FROM HOME   Working from Home: H1B Amendment: H1B visa holders have been facing a lot of challenges when it comes to remote working. Non-immigrant visas such as B1 and H4 EAD are under strict orders to specify their worksite in their Labor Condition Application (LCA). Changing this could result in […]

What is the 60-day H-1B grace period?

H-1B 60 Days Grace Period: US Allows grace time of 60 days to H-1B visa holders. The H-1B Visa employees who are laid-off, terminated, or resign from their position to find a new job or have a change in status are eligible for grace period. H-1B workers should note that they cannot travel internationally during their grace period. The H-1B […]

H1B Application approval things to know

THINGS TO KNOW AFTER YOUR H1B APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED   H1B APPROVAL NOTICE: The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) issues the I-797 (Notice of Action) as part of the visa application procedure for certain visas. I-797 forms come in a variety of formats. An I-797C (Receipt Notice), for example, is used to […]

Lottery for H-1B Visas (How Does It Work?)

How Does an H1B Visa Lottery Work? Non-US foreign nationals take their chances with an H-1B visa lottery each year to have a chance to work in the USA. It is important to follow all steps correctly to avoid issues, because H-1B applications are accepted only once per year during the application time frame. In […]

USCIS Grace Period for H1B Visas 60 days

What Does Grace Period for an H-1B Visa Mean? An H-1B 60-day grace period is granted to employees who are laid off, terminated, or resign from their positions to find a new job or apply for a change of status. During the visa grace period, which begins immediately after the H-1B worker’s last day of […]

Complete Process and Guidance on When to File an Amended H-1B Petition

H1B Amendments The H1B Amendment is essential when a material change occurs in the terms and conditions of H1B worker employment. There are several situations in which you would need to have your sponsoring employer file a new petition on your behalf. When your position changes significantly or when you change employers, you need to […]

Green Cards based on Employment to be double for FY 2022

Green Cards based on Employment to be double for FY 2022 Over 290,000 Employment-Based Green Cards will be available. When the covid hit worldwide, 2020 was the year when the processing of family-based US visa applications was at the bottom. Due to this, for the fiscal year 2021, there are over 150,000 US family-based and […]