United Kingdom Visa

The range of UK immigration services available to people wishing to immigrate to Britain is broad and varied, encompassing economic based routes such as UK work permits, and the Tier 1 visa, as well as family immigration visas and visitor visas designed for those wishing to visit Britain for a short period.

At BAIS, our immigration consultants offer expert advice on every class of UK immigration service and provide a comprehensive package of services to suit your needs, from initial advice on making a UK visa application through to on arrival services to help you adapt to living and working in Britain.

UK Business Visas

Economic migration is a key component of the British economy allowing skilled migrants to bring desirable skills and experience to the domestic workforce.

The Tier 1, is a points-based visa service specifically designed to attract the most gifted individuals to the United Kingdom.

In addition, applying for a Tier 2 Work Permit, allows a British company to sponsor an overseas worker to come to Britain and contribute to the British economy by bringing their skills to the domestic workforce.

Business based British visas take a variety of forms and BAIS can help people to gain UK entry clearance and to apply for business immigration through several routes.

The Entrepreneur visa allows experienced business people to live and work in Great Britain, investing capital and starting a business within the United Kingdom.

Alternatively, applicants may come to Britain on a self-employed visa, with a pioneering idea under an innovator visa or simply to invest in the British economy through a Tier 1 Investor visa.

British visa applications under all of these routes offer the potential to apply for Indefinite leave to remain in the UK (ILR) or permanent residency as it is often known.

We can help applicants to switch when appropriate from one route to another and can manage applications for permanent residence and later British naturalization as a UK citizen.

Other UK Immigration Solutions

As well as business based applications for visas for Britain, we can also help you to obtain any of the range of visas for UK immigration, which allow people to train or study in Britain, and to experience life in the United Kingdom.

A study permit, or Tier 4 student visa, allows international students to study in the UK experiencing the culture and environment of the United Kingdom whilst at University.

Beyond a study visa, the Post Study Work Programme and Youth Mobility Scheme allow students and young people to experience working in the UK for a limited time.

Family-Based Visas

While BAIS specializes in assisting talented individuals to live and work in the UK or to benefit from the range of experience and training opportunities available, assistance can also be provided for other British immigration services.

We can secure partner and relationship immigration visas for people with British connections who wish to settle in the United Kingdom by means of a UK Marriage visa, UK Fiance visa or De Facto visa, often known as an unmarried partner visa.

In addition, we can help tourists and business visitors to gain entry clearance through a temporary UK visit visa, frequently referred to as a travel visa or tourist visa.

As an immigration advisory service, we understand the complexities facing people who require UK visa services and immigration advice. This website is intended to provide straightforward and accessible information regarding immigration laws and regulations and how they affect you.

Instead of providing a resource full of unfamiliar terms and complex legislation, we offer a free immigration assessment that enables us to determine which types of UK visa you are eligible for.

We aim to offer the very best immigration advisory service we can in order to provide you with the most appropriate opportunity to live in the UK.

Multilingual Team

Our people make up a truly multinational, multilingual team who have lived and worked in over 30 countries. Furthermore, many of our staff have experienced first-hand the immigration processes which you may be going through.

If at any stage of your relocation to Britain you would like to speak to one of the team, please contact us.

BAIS also partners a number of like-minded organizations to assist with relevant services for migrants in the United Kingdom. Through our network of partner organizations, we can provide assistance with opening a British bank account, United Kingdom tax returns, flight quotes, flight search and holiday bookings.

We understand that applying for a British visa is only part of living in Britain and this website also contains many useful links to places, services, and events relevant to those who are new to life in the United Kingdom.



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