Alternatives for Nonimmigrant Workers Facing Termination: How to Continue Your Stay in the United States?

No worries; we are here to provide various options. We provide various legal options, such as filing for a green card or applying for an extension of stay. We also provide visa services to help you apply for a new visa. Additionally, we offer advice on the best visa for your needs. At Bay Area Immigration, we provide every solution to your problem. Even if you have been terminated from your job, we still have solutions for your continued stay in the USA. If you want to know how, let us tell you: There are various options through which you can change your status and expand your stay in the USA. To achieve the best possible results, it would be best to apply for a B1 or B2 visa. You will be provided with a visitor visa that is valid for 10 years and allows you to stay for six months. You have more than enough time to find another job or figure out another method to become a permanent resident of the United States. The experience will be hassle-free, and you can completely focus on your permanent solution. You will be easily granted 10 years of entry into this country. The B1 or B2 visa will also give you the opportunity to travel freely in the country and explore all its possibilities. This visa is also the easiest to obtain and is not restricted by any quotas or restrictions. H-4 is an additional option for you, if it applies. One of the better options available to you is this. When you are on an H-4 visa, you are considered your spouse's dependent, and they have a valid H-1B visa. You are permitted to remain in the United States under the H-4 visa for the duration that your spouse's H-1B visa is in effect. It is a good option for couples who wish to stay in the US together. Also it gives you the same access to public benefits as your spouse. Another is student status, where you can apply for an F1 visa. You can obtain authorization to remain in the United States and obtain relevant education that will improve your resume for future job pursuits. . After completing your studies, you can apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). After the completion of your education, you can also apply for H1B visas, which allow you to stay and work in the country for up to 6 years. Thereafter, you can also apply for green cards, which allow you to live and work in the country on a permanent basis. If you want to do a job and get a visa in the USA, you can apply for an L-1 visa, in which case you will be transferred to another company. This visa is available to workers with specialized knowledge. This visa will allow you to stay in the USA for 5-7 years while doing your job continuously for a transferred company. The L-1 visa is a great way to make a career in the USA and is valid for up to 7 years. In conclusion, if you are looking for a solution after the termination of employment in the United States, you have a few legal options to extend your stay. An overview of the choices discussed in the blog can be found here:
  1. B1/B2 Visa: Provides a 10-year visitor visa allowing a stay of up to six months, that permits stays of up to six months. This gives you plenty of time to look into opportunities for permanent residency or find new job.
  2. H-4 Visa: If the spouse holds H-1B visa, you can apply for H-4 visa as dependent of your spouse.
  3. F1 Visa: You can stay in the USA as a student; thereafter, you can apply for further H1B visa.
  4. L-1 Visa: On this visa,you will be transferred to another company. It allows for a stay of 5-7 years.
What are you waiting for? Just apply for a suitable visa to expand your stay legally in the USA. At Bay Area Immigration, we will provide the best services to Nonimmigrant Workers Following Termination of Employment. We will give you an ultimate solution within your 60-day grace period, and your stay will be no problem in your stay.
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