Attorney for H1B Visa

ATTORNEY FOR H1B VISA   The H1B visa is a nonimmigrant visa for those who want to work in specialty jobs in the United States. A bachelor’s degree or above is required for a “specialty occupation” according to the H1B visa rules. When an employer files a labor condition application for a post, the H1B […]

Visas for work under COVID 

VISAS FOR WORK UNDER COVID  According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), employees will be exempt from having their identity and job authorization documents evaluated in their physical presence if their company maintains social distancing owing to COVID-19. It is a prerequisite to the Employment Eligibility Verification process (Form I-9). Employers must, however, inspect […]

Concurrent H1B regulations

THE CONCURRENT H1B   HOW TO WORK FOR MULTIPLE H1B EMPLOYERS: Invalid H1B foreign nationals can work for multiple employers if the additional employers agree to file for a concurrent H1B petition. We provide an outline of the Concurrent H1B and the main features that companies and H1B employees must bear in mind when working […]

Visa for spouse of an H1B person

SPOUSE VISA FOR H1B HOLDER   H1B SPOUSE                                                                                     H-1B visa holders’ spouses will work or begin a business within the United States as long as their spouse’s H1B visa is valid. H-4 visa holders World Health Organization need to figure should 1st apply for an associate degree Employment Authorization Document (EAD) that permits them to work within the United States. The […]

How 2022 H1B Lottery will work

WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE 2022 H1B LOTTERY   H1B LOTTERY 2022: One of the most popular visas to work in the United States is the H1B visa. USCIS has been receiving more H1B applications in recent years than the required number of 85,000 applicants. To deal with situations of high demand, the USCIS introduced […]

Rules for H1B Renewal

H1B RENEWAL: An extension of more than six years for an Associate in a nursing associate is generally not possible. A replacement H1B visa ought to be requested as soon as you have lived outside of the US for at least one year. Your leader, on the other hand, can apply for you to become a […]

How do extensions and renewals for H1B visas work?

H1B VISA EXTENSION You need to contact your department to request an extension of your H-1B authorization if your current authority expires before you expect to finish your employment at Tufts. An H-1B extension request follows a similar procedure as an initial H-1B authorization request; in each case, your department should request H-1B authorization on […]

WFH for H1B, new LCA needed; amendment required

H1B EMPLOYEES CAN WORK FROM HOME   Working from Home: H1B Amendment: H1B visa holders have been facing a lot of challenges when it comes to remote working. Non-immigrant visas such as B1 and H4 EAD are under strict orders to specify their worksite in their Labor Condition Application (LCA). Changing this could result in […]

What is the 60-day H-1B grace period?

H-1B 60 Days Grace Period: US Allows grace time of 60 days to H-1B visa holders. The H-1B Visa employees who are laid-off, terminated, or resign from their position to find a new job or have a change in status are eligible for grace period. H-1B workers should note that they cannot travel internationally during their grace period. The H-1B […]

H1B Application approval things to know

THINGS TO KNOW AFTER YOUR H1B APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED   H1B APPROVAL NOTICE: The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) issues the I-797 (Notice of Action) as part of the visa application procedure for certain visas. I-797 forms come in a variety of formats. An I-797C (Receipt Notice), for example, is used to […]

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